Maryland and DC Metro Area Estate Planning Lawyer

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Protect your assets. Attorney Melissa Wu is a passionate advocate for estate planning. She feels the process of estate planning holds the same value for all financial situations whether the assets are modest or great. 

Sit down with Melissa and discuss your wishes for the future of your family and loved ones. Together, you can create a map with numerous benefits for the people you care about. 

Simple Will

Melissa can advise you on ways to create a simple will in a short amount of time and for little cost. Eliminate confusion and prevent disagreements by leaving your loved ones a legal document detailing your wishes.

Complex Estate Planning

Create an estate plan tailored to your specific needs. Attorney Melissa Wu handles all varieties of complex estate planning, including:

  • living wills
  • powers of attorney
  • trusts

She can also suggest a variety of tax protection strategies to minimize the tax burdens for your loved ones.

Trusting Relationships

Estates can quickly become complicated even in the best situations. Melissa works hard to foster trusting relationships with her clients by looking out for their best interests. She understands that it is not easy to discuss your financial details and last wishes with a professional. 

The future is inevitable — addressing estate planning is crucial. It can be a simple process, or incredibly complex. Let Melissa Wu walk you through her individualized process.

Rest Easy

Call Melissa today to take care of all your necessary estate planning needs so that you can rest easy.